Team Easy Cook Induction Hob with Free Cooking Pot


Team Easy Cook Induction Hob with Free Cooking Pot

If ? Apple made induction hobs, this is what they would make. Unlike all other portable induction hobs that have a myriad of controls and buttons, our has just one: a simple knob control that then also varies the temperature, there is an elegant and easy to read temperature indicator on the front panel.

All inductions hobs only work with ferritic base pans, that is to say...a pan to whose base a magnet would stick. To get you started, we include a free cooking pot with the induction hob, so it works right out of the box. Induction hobs are so quick to work and heat up, it's so efficient as the conversion of power to heat is so great, and as they work through induction process (click here if you would like to learn more and can't sleep) it's the pan that gets hot not the cooker, so the surface is cool to the touch. Click here to see a fab demonstration by Paul Brodel, TV chef and restaurteur.

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