Lantern Beats Volume 1

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This Album contains 12 tracks of fun-filled and educating rhymes good for every child and exciting to the whole family. Africans who have barely spent time in their motherland would feel the beauty of Africa when they listen, while others would learn some of the cultural values of Africa in the midst of relaxation. The songs are produced by children’s music experts who paid keen attention to musical qualities and valuable content. Some English rhymes are also included for the enjoyment of all. You would get to listen to some of your native rhymes sung by Nigerian children and in the Nigerian way, isn’t that interesting?

The tracks in the album include:
1) As I was to the Market
2) Ayanbiawala
3) Happy
4) Hippopotamus
5) Holiday
6) Labe Igi
7) My Mother
8) Ojo nro
9) Rivers in Africa
10) The Day is Bright
11) Time
12) Wherever You Go

‘Labe Igi’ is a Yoruba folklore song, while ‘Ayanbiawala’ is an Ibo folklore song.

Listening to these tracks can be addictive.

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