Brand It Yourself - Lynn Altman


Brand It Yourself - Lynn Altman

How companies can stop overthinking the branding process, with faster and better results 

Brand It Yourself is about getting a handle on your brand fast—without getting bogged down by research data, focus groups, or company politics.

Lynn Altman believes that branding should be an energizing, exciting process. Unfortunately, too many companies turn it into a complicated grind, burying their common sense about how to connect with their customers.

Altman and her partner developed the Brandmaker Express process for positioning any brand quickly, simply, and powerfully. She helps her clients tap into their own creativity to overcome the paralysis that often afflicts marketing departments.

In Brand It Yourself, Altman shares her experiences helping top global companies develop new products, services, and brand campaigns. She highlights real branding case studies at Dairy Queen, Time Inc., Brite Smile, and other innovative companies.

Winning the hearts and minds of consumers is not as daunting as you might think. With the powerful techniques in Brand It Yourself, your company can develop better branding ideas with less stress and wasted time.

This book shatters the mystique and overly complicated process that usually surrounds branding. Clients and their agencies would surely benefit from this practical and simple approach.

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