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3KV Pure Sine Wave Inverter


his is pure sine wave inverter. Pure sine wave are the best type of inverter.

1. Advanced performance by CPU control


2. Auto voltage regulation(AVR),wide input voltage 145V~275V or 65V~135V,accurate output,AVR function,adapt all kinds lf bad electric environments


3. Intelligent battery charging, the charging current can be adjusted according to the equipped battery, it is fast and reliable and can increase the service life of the battery


4. Intelligence display of output voltage,frequency,battery capacity,fault,over load,load


5. Generator compatibly and external battery connection achievable


6. Adapt all kinds lf bad electric environments


7. It can be automatically started up with mains supply, and has a wider range of applications


8. Advanced automatic constant charging circuit,prolongs battery life


9. It has perfect battery under-voltage, overload, over-discharge, short-circuit protections

DC 24V 3000W Power Frequency inverter Power Star W7 pure sine wave inverter with charger
Specifics Input VoltageDC 12VOutput
Voltage AC 220V±10%Conversion
Efficiency 0.9 Output
Frequency 50Hz Rated Power
Other Color Black
continuous power output 3000w
output waveform pure sine wave
Product Size598mm*218mm*179mmWeight47kg
[1] Quiet,no noise and high efficiency.
[2] LED indicator light of the front panel and adjustable switch selector.
[3] Optional battery include lead-acid cell,gel battery or glass fibre clapboard battery(AGM).
[4] 70A Auto three stage charge(large current charge,absorb and floating charge).
[5] Saving energy no load.
[6] Have everlasting lifetime in extreme environmental conditions.
[7] Product have high load ability and  can assume the higher load, in overload condition,it could dispose steadily and protect circuit board to corrode,meanwhile delay using lifetime and reliability.
[8] Corrosion resisting steel bottom plate and have water proof function.
[9] Have protection function as over voltage protection,high temperature protection, auto

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