13 Piece Knife Set - Multicolour


13 Piece Knife Set - Multicolour

These classic kitchen knives set from renowned Kuhn Rikon has everything you need to cut, chop and trim. These knives offer convenience through their sharpness, secure-grip handles and lightweight design, making all of your kitchen prep a breeze.

This set contains seven different knives with Japanese stainless-steel blades that are hand-sharpened to make short work of cooking tasks. Each knife has a Japanese stainless-steel blade with a colourful ergonomic handle and matching safety sheath.

In the kitchen, this set works great to cut meat, bones, vegetables and frozen foods. You can also get a set of these versatile knives to take care of your gardening needs like trimming flowers, shrubs, weeds and small branches, and around the house for cutting cardboard, paper, wire, thin metals, plastic and much more. A pair of self-sharpening snips are also included, with ultra-sharp blades and a spring-loaded design for easy cutting in the kitchen and garden.


 13 Piece Knife Set - Multicolour includes:

  • Bread knife with a secure grip handle and serrated blade slices loaves of bread and tomatoes with ease
  • Chef's knife is a versatile all-around kitchen favourite for dicing, chopping and mincing
  • Santoku knife is a popular and handy Japanese-style knife perfect for chopping and slicing meats, fruits and vegetables
  • Utility knife is the go-to tool for de-boning meats and other tricky kitchen tasks
  • All-purpose paring knife that can handle all of your kitchen prep tasks; perfect for slicing cheese, peeling an apple or chopping vegetables
  • Serrated paring knife performs flawlessly in the kitchen; perfect for slicing bread, tomatoes and other soft fruits
  • Classic snips are the sharp choice in your home or garden, as the spring-loaded design and micro-serrated lower blade make for easy cutting

More features:

  • Ergonomic handles for right or left-handed use and easy-lock release
  • Blades sharpen as they rub together
  • Safety sheaths for easy storage

Assembled Size

Bread: 12.5" x .75x 1" , Chef 11.75x .75x 1.75, santoku: 10.75 x .75 x 1.75, utility: 8.75 x .75x 1, paring: 7.5 x .75x 1, snips: 8.75x .5 x 2.5"

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