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Carbon Zero users are required to make a 25% down payment for any smartphones, laptops, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, or gaming consoles they are interested in purchasing. The balance is then spread over a period of 3 months on Zero interest. If 6months the additional 3months will attract a 2% interest rate.
Click here to apply - https://zero.getcarbon.co/zero-merchant-application.html


VIVO Y1S 32GB+2ROM Phone
VIVO Y1S 32GB+2ROM Phone

VIVO Y1S 32GB+2ROM Phone

Tecno Spark8 64+2GB Phone
Tecno Spark8 64+2GB Phone

Tecno Spark8 64+4GB Phone

Tecno Pop 5 Pro - 6.52
Tecno Pop 5 Pro - 6.52

Tecno Pop 5 Pro - 6.52" HD+ - 32GB ROM - 2GB RAM

Tecno Pova Neo 4GB 64GB Phone
Tecno Pova Neo 4GB 64GB Phone

Tecno Pova Neo 64 +4GB Phone( Prepaid Only)


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  • Q-How do I apply for VCredit?
    A- Visit www.vanaplus.com.ng/vcredit
  • Q-Can I negotiate interest and payment plan?
     A-You can negotiate your payment plan but not the interest rate.
  • Q-What is the minimum duration of repayment?
     A-The minimum repayment duration is 1 month
  • Q-Will I get an email showing my repayment balance?
     A-Yes, Customers get email showing repayment balance.
  • Q-Is this opened to customers outside Lagos and Ogun States?
    A-Yes, VCredit is opened to Customers within Nigeria.