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Tribute is built on a dream of affordable luxury while creating a better life for people. Tribute carries the legacy of high-quality products made for the whole family but also an opportunity to create a better life while enjoying the products.

Tribute offers a range of superior quality products, from the sophisticated and seducing fragrances developed in French laboratories to the skin care products adjusted to fit the climate of Nigeria. Tribute offers a world-class compensation plan with an international back office system from the US for you to keep track of your earnings. Together with Tribute, you can start building your tomorrow today!


IMMEDIATE PROFITS: With Tribute you can make more money from selling the amazing beauty products, you make 26% to 34% profit as a registered distributor, the more you buy the more your profits increases.

POWER START BONUS: Is Tributes welcome program for the new members in their first 1-90days.

So in your first 30 days, for you to qualify, you need to order a total personal point of 50PB, and the sum of 4800 will be credited into your back office to use in ordering product.

Then in your 30-60 days, you are expected to do 70PV and you will get the sum of N6,000 into your back office.

And lastly, in your 60-90days you make 100PV you will then get the sum of N8000 into your back office.

And the same thing applies to you, so if your direct team member is on this program as they are getting the bonuses you will also be getting.

So in their first month which is 1-30 days, as they are getting the bonus, you as the sponsor will receive the sum of N3200, then in the second them if they also qualify you will get N4000 and in the third month you will get N6000.

PROMO BONUSES: Tribute success plan is divided into three categories, Tributer, Manager and Leader.

Tributer is also divided into four stages, Tributer, Advanced Tributer, Senior Tributer and Executive Tributer, so when you become an Executive Tributer you will receive the some of 8k as a promo bonus which you will be promoted to a Manager stage.

The Manager is also divided into four stages, Manager, Advanced Manager, Senior Manager and Executive Manager, so when you become an Executive Manager you will receive the some of 40k for achieving that title.

And Leader is divided into five stages, Leader, Advance Leader, Senior Leader, Executive Leader and Diamond Leader.

So at this stage, you will be getting cash award on each stage.

  • Leader 80k
  • Advanced Leader 160k
  • Senior Leader 320k
  • Executive Leader 600k
  • And Diamond Leader 2.8M and at this stage, you will then become a shareholder in Tribute.

PROMO MATCHING BONUS: This bonus it's a mind-blowing one, when each of your Direct leg hit this title and receive their own money you will also receive some amount of money which is 8k for the first stage, 40k for the second stage and 80k, 160k, 320k, 600k and 2.8M for the last stages.

So you can imagine having 2 to 5 or 10 people to close this title in each month, that's a huge amount of money.

FAMILY BONUS: This bonus is monthly income depending on your family business volume, and it's huge starting from Advance Tributer.

So this how to make money with Tribute Lifestyle, feel free to ask your questions. Call or WhatsApp 0802 535 2717




When you are part of Tribute you get your welcome kit with the business tool that you need to start. This includes information about the company;

  • fragrance vials,
  • notepad,
  • compensation card,
  • catalogue,
  • pen,
  • tee-shirt,
  • carrier bag and access to the back office where you can track your sales, commissions and the progress of your team.

As a registered distributor, you will enjoy a range from 26% to 34% profit on the products you sell. The more you sell, the larger the profit!


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