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Carbon Zero users are required to make a 25% down payment for any smartphones, laptops, TVs, refrigerators, air conditioners, or gaming consoles they are interested in purchasing. The balance is then spread over a period of 3 months on Zero interest. If 6 months the additional 3 months will attract a 2% interest rate.
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VIVO Y1S 32GB+2ROM Phone
VIVO Y1S 32GB+2ROM Phone

Wayar VIVO Y1S 32GB+2ROM

Tecno Spark 8 128+4GB Phone
Tecno Spark 8 128+4GB Phone

Tecno Spark 8 P 128+4GB Waya

Tecno Pova Neo 4GB 64GB Phone
Tecno Pova Neo 4GB 64GB Phone

Tecno Pova Neo 64 + 4GB Waya (An riga an biya kawai)




Stationery Showdown: The Ultimate Battle for the Coolest Office Supplies!

Sep 26, 2023 michael oladunjoye

Office supplies may seem mundane to some, but for those who appreciate their functionality and aesthetic appeal, they hold a certain charm and excitement. From the sleek pens and vibrant highlighters to organized file folders and sticky notes, office supplies have an uncanny ability to inspire productivity and creativity. Each item serves a purpose, but when combined, they create the ultimate showdown against unorganized chaos and procrastination. Read more...

Understanding the Importance and Implications of the Data Protection Bill

Jun 21, 2023 Vanaplus Ventures

In this digital age, where vast amounts of data are generated and exchanged every day, ensuring the protection and privacy of personal information has become a critical concern. Recognizing this need, many countries are enacting data protection legislation to safeguard individuals' rights and regulate the handling of data. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of data protection and explore the significance and potential implications of the Data Protection Bill. Read more...

is AI a bane or brawn to humanity?

May 26, 2023 Vanaplus Ventures

The impact of AI on humanity can be both beneficial and challenging, depending on how it is developed, deployed, and regulated. It would be simplistic to categorize AI as solely a bane or brawn for humanity. Let's explore both perspectives:...Read more

Hanyoyi 6 don Tabbatar da Sashin HVAC ɗin ku yana shirye don bazara

Jun 02, 2022 michael oladunjoye

yana dumama watanni, mafi mahimmanci shine a guje wa manyan matsaloli tare da sashin HVAC na ku. Tare da kusancin bazara, lokaci ne mai kyau don bincika tsarin ku kuma tabbatar ya shirya. Ƙungiyar HVAC tana taimakawa wajen kula da yanayin danshi da sanyaya yanayin cikin gida. Shi ya sa yana da mahimmanci ku ba da gudummawar ku don tabbatar da cewa sashin HVAC ɗin ku ya shirya don yanayin dumi. Anan akwai shawarwari guda shida waɗanda zasu taimaka muku tabbatar da an saita naúrar HVAC ku. Kara karantawa..


  • Q-How do I apply for VCredit?
    A- Visit www.vanaplus.com.ng/vcredit
  • Q-Can I negotiate interest and payment plan?
     A-You can negotiate your payment plan but not the interest rate.
  • Q-What is the minimum duration of repayment?
     A-The minimum repayment duration is 1 month
  • Q-Will I get an email showing my repayment balance?
     A-Yes, Customers get email showing repayment balance.
  • Q-Is this opened to customers outside Lagos and Ogun States?
    A-Yes, VCredit is opened to Customers within Nigeria.