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The Zoom has no doubt become a wildly used video meeting and chat app since the coronavirus pandemic crept in. Despite having revealed a number of security and privacy issues, the App is still just the best around.

There are a few tricks to make use of whether as a newbie to zoom or zoom master. Let’s talk about my favorite 6.



1. Customize your background



You can virtually transport yourself to a beach or any other place of your imagination by just customizing your background while on Zoom. This customization can be so much fun. All you have to do is go to settings, then the virtual background, and then upload any image of your desire. However, you should be sure your system meets the requirements.



2. Keep audio and camera off by default



How about not showing your bed head and scattered room to your colleagues? The sound of your children or cat should be kept to you as well. In short, you can turn off video and sound by default instead of just diving to do all that when you have already joined the meeting. Just go straight to settings then audio to the mute microphone when joining a meeting and the setting, video and mute video when joining a meeting. Doing this keeps you really safe.



3. Make use of your Keyboard’s Spacebar



Do you still use your spacebar for pause and play on the VLC player? Yes, you can do the same with zoom only to mute and unmute. You don’t have to push yourself to the microphone button when it’s your turn to speak; all you need to do is to press and hold your spacebar to quickly mute and unmute your mic right from your keyboard.






4. React with emoji on the screen



Are you muted in a meeting? You can still make your thought known with emojis. You can send a thumbs up or clap. What more? These emojis are yellow-skinned by default but you can customize that on your desktop app. To do this, click the reaction tab at the bottom of the meeting screen just on the right of the mute audio and video button. This would give you the opportunity to participate in the meeting despite being muted. The organizer can actually enable nonverbal feedback features that allow participants to communicate and also see each other’s feedback.



5. Have fun with Share Screen



Do you know you can play a game or watch a movie together over zoom? Just share your screen by clicking the share screen icon on the toolbar at the bottom of the meeting screen. You also have the option to either share the entire desktop or just an already opened window. To go back to being normal; just click the red Stop Share button at the top of the screen.



6. Use Gallery View



This is the part I love the most. This view lets you see every participant in the meeting at once instead of just seeing the person speaking. This is quite easy to access, just click the Gallery view tab on the top right corner and you should be seeing every participant at a glance provided they are not more than 49 viewers otherwise you would have the option to move between multiple pages.



The above tricks are just a few of the numerous tricks or hacks you can make use of to zoom like a pro.

Do you have a few tricks up your sleeves too?

Please share it with us at the comment session.


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