Zoom E2EE to be available to all users

Zoom has made a U-turn as regards its end to end encryption availability. It was earlier announced that the E2EE would be restricted to paid users only but the statement released on Wednesday has confirmed that this feature would be available for all. Zoom would begin to allow users of its videoconferencing software to enable end-to-end encryption of calls starting with a beta scheduled for next month. The feature will be a toggle switch that can be enabled or disabled by any call admin. Traditional phone lines and older conference room phones would also be able to join.

The statement made earlier in June about not enabling the end-to-end encryption for free users was due to the concern that the app could be used for unlawful activity and it would be really difficult for law enforcement agencies to access data. It would be recalled that Zoom faced criticism for the same issue from both experts and users.


New users to be ready make phone number verification

For users running on the free or basic plan to make use of this end-to-end encryption effect, they would need to participate in the verification of phone numbers via SMS and the company will also be making use of risk-based implementation. This means new Soldiers and old ones who used just email addresses will go through the verification process. This is basically an effort to prevent abuse.

Although, the day the upgrade would be available to everyone has not been fixed but it has been stated that the Beta version arriving in July and Zoom intends to have some level of permissions so account administrators can disable or enable it at the account or group level.

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