Why solar power

Solar energy is obtained from the sun’s radiation and is the key to clean energy future.The sun is a potent source of energy and the energy source can be harnessed by putting solar panels together. Solar energy has however been under utilised as the energy provides to the earth in an hour can serve the global need for a year.

We have however utilised just 0.001 percent of that energy.

Solar energy could however be criticised for being expensive and not very efficient but it has proved to be helpful not just to the environment but also financially.

Below are the advantages of solar energy in our present times Nigeria.


Renewable Energy Source

One of the greatest benefits of solar energy is a renewable source. Unlike other sources of energy that could burn out, we can never run out of solar power. As long as there is sun, solar energy will continually renew itself on a daily basis.

It reduces electricity bill

Since you will be meeting some of your electricity needs from solar generated power, it will automatically reduce your electricity bill.The amount to be saved is dependent on the size of your solar system.

Also, when you have successfully installed your solar panels, the operational costs are quite low compared to the cost of generating other forms of power. No fuel is required and this means the recurring cost of fueling your generating set will reduce.

Clean source of energy

No emission of any sorts are released into the atmosphere when you generate power through the solar. Because energy is generated through the sun, solar power is a vital source of energy and a gradual move to the production of a clean energy and a healthier environment.

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Nwajei Babatunde
Content creator for Vanaplus Group.

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