Ways mom can balance home and work - II

This article is a continuation of how mum can balance home and work. 

As a mum, it’s not an easy task trying to juggle a full time job with a family life.

The divided attention between family and work can cause you a feeling of guilt and stress being a full time working mother. The key to happiness here is to focus on a plan, and remain organised by striking a balance between profession and family.

Here are ways you can flourish between home and family

Spend quality time with your partner:

To the person who will always be by your side, nurture your relationship with him. Enjoying the company of each other with a monthly night date to stay closer is not a bad idea. Promoting the relationship will arouse a feeling of happiness to the partnership or marriage and help to check on each other.

To some couples who are on a lean budget, going out could be for the now unaffordable, you can subscribe to indoor date, night cooking, glass of wine to reinforce the love. 

Design special family occasion

Creating time for your children is very important during the week and on weekends. This exercise will give you room to bond with other family members and also grow the dynamic of your family. If you have limited time, you can have breakfast with them or a movie. Create a plan or outing that fits well into your calendar. During this time (Family outing) avoid office related talk or constantly checking the notifications that pop up on your phone. Ensure the quality time focuses on their interest such as hobbies, friends, career, music,  etc exchange suggestions with them.

Reduce Distractions and Time Wasters 

As mum, you've to be disciplined and set time limits to the hours you spend on social media or phone calls, things you can do when the children are asleep. Reduce the time expended watching TV to maximise time with your family.

In your office, try to avoid unnecessarily wasting time. Yes, you might want to have a conversation with colleagues, gossip, long lunches can be a distraction to you being productive. Focus on your to-do list at work and try to engage fellow workers during break.

Create Time for Yourself

Learning how to manage time wisely so that you can have a valuable time for yourself regularly is very important. Because your time is divided between your profession and home, making sure you manage your energy well is very important. You cannot be an exceptional partner or mum if you look bad-tempered. So, taking up time to take care of yourself to feel relaxed and effective becomes imperative.

Always remember to eat well and get plenty of rest. All of these things that make up a smart woman or mum should not be neglected. 

Nwajei Babatunde 

Content creator for Vanaplus Group.

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