Time to check your Trash on Google Drive!

Cloud Storage is very important to everyone these days, not only for security reasons but also for easy accessibility and convenience. You don’t really have to worry about external drives crashing or getting corrupted and most importantly cloud storage is free. There are a lot of Cloud Storage platforms such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and the most popular- Google Drive.

If you are a User of the Google Products (who isn’t?), saving stuffs on Google Drive has a way of making not just work-documents and files easy but every aspect of your life. The synchronization is just awesome.

Is Google drive your favourite cloud storage? Well, this is for your information; the way google handles trashed files and documents on Google Drive is about to change. As from 13th October, trashed files and documents will automatically delete after 30 days. This implies that just as other Google products like Gmail, Google drive’s trash would be treated the same way. This means there would be a consistent behaviour across all Google products.   

If you are conversant with Google Drive, you would agree that trash is kept indefinitely unless the user takes the action to empty the can which makes it less of a “trash” and more of “hide-out” for files and documents you do not want to see. Fortunately, should you remove a document or file from trash only to find out later that you need it; Administrators for G Suite still has the power to restore such documents or files provided it is within the 25 days grace period and you are active. So Yes, you can still save it.

As a user of Google Products, please be on the lookout for banner notifications on Google Docs and Google form apps as Google would be creating awareness of its cloud storage’s recent development with them. To this end, I would implore you to go check and double-check your Google Drive’s trash to avoid stories that touches-Lol.


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