March Rush Promo

March Rush Promo

Everyone loves to save money. I mean to buy more with less money for the same value and quality. Did you miss out from our valentine campaign? Are you waiting for the next promo campaign before you make your next purchase?

Whatever you want to buy ranging from stationery, computers, books, gift, and home and kitchen appliances, March rush got you covered. 

This campaign allows you to buy more while you pay less. It is time to be a beneficiary of this campaign that gives you 5% off on every purchase for 1 full Month.

Enjoy massive discount on every purchase while stock last. Below is step by step guide on how to get started:

Visit our online store

Shop based on categories

Add your preferred items to cart

Apply Discount Code RUSH2019 to enjoy discounted price

Fill shipping details, payment options and check out.

Visit while stock last.

Nwajei Babatunde

Content creator for Vanaplus Ventures.

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