Letter to the celebrant, Nigeria

Nigeria celebrates her independence day on 1st October every year. The most populous nation on the soil of Africa freed herself from the British colonial rule on this date in 1960 and the anniversary is being marked with huge national celebrations.

We are today addressed as a country and free from any form of political enslavement. We have come this far in spite of the ups and downs we had encountered that has threatened our being and existence. The sect rampage in the North and kidnapping in the West and East.

I would like to kick start my letter to the celebrant (Nigeria) with a story about the creation of nations and it goes thus; as God created each nation on earth, He was extremely careful to balance out the qualities in each. When He created the United States of America, he blessed her with a very rich economy and super power and he balance it out with a bit of natural disaster. He created the oil rich Middle East and strike a balance with a desert and a scorching sun. The Asians were technologically advanced in creation but with little land space and a bit of earthquakes.

This continued until God gets to creating Nigeria. Nigeria was perfect in creation ranging from a favourable weather to fertile soil, rich with natural resources and minerals, abundance food, no natural disaster and in the process, an angel raised an observation saying ‘’This is unfair Lord, how can you create a nation so perfect and close to heaven with huge natural disposition and no natural disaster’’? Then God replied, ‘’Calm down, let me create the people, then you will see there’s no advantage at all’’. This saying made people laugh.


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The question is have you met a Nigerian before?

We are a hardworking, resilient, peace lovers and ambitious people. We strive to thrive in all endeavours and arguably the smartest people on the planet earth.

Regardless of the stigma that we have suffered over the years which has become an embarrassing experience to appear at international airports with green passports, we remained resilient and resolute in our resolve for a politically and economically developed Nigeria. Nigeria is prominent for her placement in the list of most corrupt nations in the world usually coming between the position of first - fifth like an accomplished soccer player. The xenophobic attack in South Africa and the national disgrace we get from few out of their self greed delved into cybercrimes also contributed to this stigma and the poor treatment.

Nigeria as a country has had her share of bad publicity which has distorted our impression as a country vi a vis nation that has more criminal records than we do. This stigmatization did not really describe us but just a distorted perception of us.

As we survive another 365 days of economic reality, political differences to celebrate our unity in diversity, our purpose as a nation, we need to reflect as a nation on where we are currently and how far we have come. This gratitude and reflection is enough to take us to a desired tomorrow. 

The reflection on the labour of heroes past and every win is worth celebrating regardless of the current situation we find ourselves. 

As we celebrate yet another independence, sit and draw a road map for tomorrow, let’s not forget to take down our dreams and aspirations with our 2020 Diary and celebrate every wins.

Keep the Nigeria spirit alive and happy independence to you!!!

Nwajei Babatunde

Content creator for Vanaplus Group

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