Keep your Operating System Up-to-date

The word Operating System does not only relate to Computer Systems alone. These days almost everyone uses a phone that runs on Operating Systems. Most common OS for phones is the Android and the IOs.

Operating Systems comes in versions which imply that improvement has been made on the pre-existing one.

Few of the reasons for regular software update are highlighted below:

System Security:

This has to do with all facets of accessing information assets. Computer Systems and other internet-enabled devices are faced with a lot of Security threat such as data breach, data loss, hacking, unauthorized access etc. Quite a lot of measures has been put in place to ensure System Security such as firewalls, encryption, passwords, authenticators, retina scanning, biometrics etc.


It is important to note that all these measures are all connected to Operating System which must be regularly updated to keep your System secured. Any slight crack like late or no update of the operating System can expose your System to all or some of these Security threats.


Cyber/Internet Related Security:

There is no reason why anyone should possess an internet enabled device if it won’t be used to access the internet. It is not a news that there are a lot of phishing sites where your passwords can be trapped or even expose your system to hackers. Quite several people have lost data, money and so many other things online.

Most of the frequently used Apps such as Bank Applications, Email Apps, Journals and Ledgers are all hosted and “planted” on the Operating System of our Computer Systems and Phones. It is therefore very important to regularly update the Operating System of our devices to keep those apps compatible with our phone as this would ensure that all backdoors are avoided, and our data are fully secured.

Better User Experience:

All the Updates made to the Operating System and other Software are meant to give the users the best kind of experience per time. If the Operating System is not updated regularly and correctly, it could be like the user is living in “yesterday” which could rob such a user of the solution to a challenge of topmost importance.


Preserved Compatibility:

Updating your device’s Operating System keeps it compatible with new Software releases and upgrades. This would help to prevent the higher frequency of downtimes, longer duration of downtimes, difficulty in finding a replacement of faulty parts, and difficulty finding supported drivers.

In this light, keeping your Operating System up to date is very important. Therefore, it is advisable that everyone who uses internet enabled devices should put their devices in auto-update mode as you never can tell what you are missing. 



Oyedele Kola

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