Innovative Ways to use a Blank notebook

Life is a canvas, and so is a brand-new notebook. If you have recently purchased one too many notebooks, got one as a gift, or found one lying around the house with no use for it, then this is the article you need. Gone are the days when notebooks were used for just school (note taking) and work (record keeping). There are now so many cool and unique things you can do with a blank notebook. Keep reading to discover amazing and exciting ways to put a blank notebook to good use.

Create a language journal:

 Have you ever been interested in learning a new language or do you have one you’re currently learning. Keep track of your progress, new words, phrases, and tips in a new notebook. This way, you have something you can always go back to when things look a bit tricky. In your notebook, you can note grammar and vocabulary lessons, create sections for numbers, colors, and other quick go-to areas of the new language.

Start a fitness journal

Ready to join fitfam or already a member? You’ll need somewhere to keep track of your current weight, your dietary plan, your do’s and don’ts, your workout plans, your goals, and progress. What better place to create your new fitness journal than in a new notebook?

Create a bucket list: 

Create a bucket list: Most people, if not all, have a list of things they want to do before dying, or kicking the bucket. That’s where the bucket list gets its name from. Use your notebook to write down all the things on your bucket list, and tick them off one by one. It gives you an incredible feeling of satisfaction to cross off each item

Record your finances: You don’t have to be an Economics or Accounting graduate before you become fiscally responsible. You can use a blank notebook to keep track of how you earn and spend your money. Knowing how your money comes and goes will help you be a better spender.

There you have it – so many cool things to try. You’ll also begin to realize that your life will become so much better for it. If you’re interested in trying out any of the aforementioned things but you don’t have a notebook around, that’s no problem. Buy yours now.

Adeoti Rukayat Oyindamola

I'm a 20-year old freelance writer, blogger, and content developer. I am also a budding digital artist and graphic designer. I love to eat, write, create, and learn.

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