How secure are you with Zoom?

As reported by The Intercept, despite claiming to use end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp, Zoom is still able to access video and audio from meetings hosted on the app.

Let’s not forget that it was revealed that Zoom was leaking thousands of User’s email addresses and photos and also permitting initiation of between strangers all because there is a kind of grouping together of users with the same domain name based on the assumption that those users work for the same company. Zoom has reportedly blacklisted such domains though.

As a result of Users claiming Zoom did not obtain proper consent before sharing data with Facebook; right now, Zoom is facing a class-action lawsuit.

It is now upon Zoom to step up security measures as the app would be enjoying increased traffic during this Lockdown period which would, in turn, attract the attention of hackers. Reports of Zoombombing has started coming in where trolls get to intrude open meetings without passwords to the extent of hijacking such meetings or even posting unwanted content.

To this end, Zoom users have been advised to password-protect their meetings to avoid intrusions, hackings and every other unwanted and uninvited activity that might come to mind.

This seems to matter a lot at this time because due to the pandemic and lockdowns going on in most nations of the earth, Zoom has become the video-conferencing platform of choice. It has become useful for almost everything from workout sessions, social hangouts, to work video calls and even government businesses, cabinet meetings and more.

Although there are alternative apps to Zoom but for now Zoom seems to be the most popular video-conferencing app.

So, if you use Zoom while you stay at home, be good to yourself and your team members. Make sure you password-protect your meetings to avoid stories that touch the heart.

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