Good news for Smartwatch Users!

Do you know that android-wear smartwatches will now work with Apple’s iPhone? Google has devised a means to make this possible thereby expanding its potential customer base considering the fact that Apple sold at least 47 million iPhones in the last quarter. This means a huge potential customer base for the search engine giant.


As much as this would be good news or Android Smartwatch App developers due to the potential chance of reaching a bigger audience; this is still a possibility in the future. This because for now, iPhone users are still unable to access about 4,000 Android Wear apps from Google play and also considering the fact that only iPhone 5 and newer versions that run iOS 8.2 or higher can work with this Android Wear which will able to sync only with smartwatches that runs the wearable operating system by Google. Despite a large number of Smartwatches in the market, there are only three Android Wear watch gadgets that will support iPhone with two them not yet in the market bringing the number down to one.  


The Asus Zenwatch 2, LG Watch Urbane, and the Huawei Watch are the three models that support iPhone but the most interesting thing is that all Android Wear smartwatches to be released in the future will be compatible with the iOS.

As much as this an incredible breakthrough, users of Apple iPhones should have it at the back of their mind that the search engine giant is still a third party customer to Apple and as such cannot function beyond the limitations given to it by Apple, therefore, compared to Apple Watch Android Wear would be limited.

Rest assured, Android Wear smartwatches would definitely be able to deliver notifications, check messages, perform fitness tracking, check messages as well as performing all the essential functions most smartwatch users want from their devices once synchronized.

The highlight, therefore, is that although there would be Apple loyalists who would prefer to go all Apple; However, Apple users now have options of considering a smart wristwatch alternative. This would be an advantage to those who want a cheaper device than the apple watch or even style.

 I think this is good news.

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