Facebook Messenger's Rebranding -New logo

In my last post, I talked about the rebranding going on with Microsoft which has affected the Office 365, Bing Search and others. It seems all the tech guys have agreed to a rebranding as Facebook just stepped in with theirs. So much for 2020.

Facebook Messenger now has a brand new logo. Not only the logo; there is a few new customization features such as the chat themes and the vanish mode.

The new Messenger logo which adopts the gradient design of the Instagram logo as a change from the original Facebook's patented full tone blue now wears a blue-pink. Facebook Manager mentioned in a blog post that the new Logo mark the company's further development towards a mix of its functions with Instagram as such should be kind of fun.  

“Our new logo reflects a shift into the future of messaging, a more dynamic, fun, and integrated way to keep in touch with the people you are close to,” Chudnovsky, Facebook Vice Manager said in the blog post.

Facebook Messenger will in addition introduce more customization options, such as chat themes like “love” and “tie dye”, to ensure a more unique conversation experience for  users. Custom reactions, selfie stickers, and a vanish mode will also be introduced. 

It is worth mentioning that the cross-platform marketing and messaging between instagram and facebook/messenger is actually doing a great justice to the intention as announced in September.

Other features that has been  rolled out over the past few months include screen sharing and the ability to video chat with up to 50 people which has actually not gained as much attraction as expected (I wonder why).

To enjoy the new logo and chat themes which are already available with the latest version on Google Play; all you need do is to update to the latest version.


What do you see to all these overhauling and updates?

Tell us your view!



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