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It was noted from research that more hack victims were recorded in 2019 than ever with the top source country is the USA and the top destination country is Ukraine. So, this year it is of high importance that every smart device user is in the security-conscious frame of mind.

Now talking about what to protect; from smart home devices to smart wristwatches-in fact, anything smart device has to be protected.

Here are a few things you should do to prevent your devices from being hacked:

Always Use Passwords:

We all know that without key, firm locks cannot be penetrated; so, I will say “password everything and anything”. Be sure to password your wifi network, PC, Tablets, Phones and every other smart device you can think of

The Password Rule:

Change default password on all devices and if possible, do not repeat passwords. One of the most important rules is never use an easy-to-guess password instead use a password that. Make sure your passwords contain numbers, letters and even special alphabets. Note that this password rule applies to your email addresses and even your social media accounts.

Keep your System Software, firmware updated

One of the things users get by installing regular updates is protection again virus and hackers. If you go on the internet with any of your devices, it is very important that you keep them up to date as each update released handles bugs and faults noticed in the previous. This implies that leaving your firmware without regular updating leaves you vulnerable to hacks and viruses.

Change your passwords regularly

Do not leave a password for too long. Make sure that you change your passwords as often and regularly as possible. Doing this will disappoint anyone who might have scooped your password without your consent.

Do not browse Phishy sites

Make sure you double check URLs o sites visited. There are a lot of cloned websites out there which are only after your card details, passwords and every other details of importance to them. It is important for you to make sure that you only browse secured websites to avoid getting hacked.

Not only can you get robbed by hackers but you can actually get your fiends and families hacked and in turn robbed as well. So, this year, take a different approach to your cyber security.


Have you ever been hacked? Would you like to share your experience? Let’s learn from you in the comment box.  




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