Covid-19 and Flu- What you need to know

As released by The World Health Organization, coronavirus and common flu can be mistaken as they both share a few similarities.


The obvious similarities are:


Both spreads by contact.

One of the sure ways to get sick is touching a contaminated person or surface and then touching your face. It has been discovered that that Covid-19 can be spread via droplets in the air from a cough or sneeze from an infected person.


Similar Symptoms:

Common flu and Covid-19 both target the respiratory system, but in varying ways. Fevers, tiredness, and coughing are common symptoms in both. They both can lead to severe respiratory cases of pneumonia, which can kill.


Let’s have a look at a few differences between coronavirus and the flu:



The biggest difference is that the spread of Coronavirus is slow compared to the common flu. This is because the flu takes a shorter time to show symptoms in infected persons and also the shorter time between successive cases compared to coronavirus. The time interval between successive cases in coronavirus is five to six days while that of flu is like three days which explains the fact that flu spreads more quickly.



A coronavirus patient is capable of releasing the virus into the environment within 2 days of contracting it. This is even before they show the symptoms while a flu patient cannot shed the virus until after 2 days of visible symptoms of infection.  Coronavirus survivors are capable of shedding for a very long period of time and possibly till death. This means coronavirus can be shed for a longer period of time than flu.


Secondary infections.

 Unlike flu, coronavirus patients are capable of having secondary infections such as pneumonia. It is rare for a flu patient to have any other infection after the flu. In fact, it is possible for a coronavirus patient to be infected with a condition even before contracting the virus.


A good time to be young

While kids are mostly the culprit for flu transmission, they seem to be immune against this coronavirus as adults are mostly the ones passing coronavirus around. While kids are the primary culprits for flu transmission, this coronavirus seems to be passed between adults. Adults seem to be the ones getting hit hardest.

Which is more Deadly?

Coronavirus is far deadlier than the flu. It has a higher mortality rate compared to the flu.


Although there is no vaccine it has been reported that 100% treatment has been recorded in Wuhan China. This could mean that with the efforts being put in place all over the world,  a vaccine could show up anytime soon.

In conclusion, though Covid-19 is deadly, there is no need to panic, just stay safe, practice good hygiene, social distancing, wash your hands regularly and all will be well.


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