Back to school preparation

The time is ticking for the resumption of pupils/students back to school and it’s a daunting prospect. Already, you are cracking your head about the calendar year ahead, the extra activities, their homework and what to pack into their lunch boxes. Your daily routine has been relaxed over the holiday as the best time to start preparing them for resumption is now. We have put together tips to help you stay ahead.

Avoid backpack that causes them pain

Whether you are buying a new school bag or not for the new session ahead, you need to ensure that the backpack is not overloaded so as to avoid a serious pain on a young, growing spine. 

Proper Nutrition:

Good nutrition is important to keep your child alert in class and energetic in the field of sports. Proper nutrients allow the brain to function properly on a day-to-day basis and therefore also influences their cognitive ability and mental performance, To achieve this, ensure you vary their dairy, reduce their intake of sugar, packs filled with proteins and vouch for vitamins in their food.


Be Health Conscious:

In a quest to find the right school, uniforms, and stationery, one of the important aspects of school-readiness may be forgotten: your child’s health. As parents, we are always cut in the web of buying new books, stationery for the new academic calendar year but we also need to take inventory of our child’s health for years ahead by ensuring that their health checks are done before school activities absorb them 

The fact remains that childhood is a complex stage with different factors influencing a child’s health and development. If your children’s health is not properly monitored, it could engender their general well being and put them on the path of being ill in the long term. 

To ensure that your child is 100% school ready, do the following: Do not hesitate on their health, vaccinate, ensure they get good sleep, give them nutritional food, teach them personal hygiene, check their anxiety and depression state, exercise both their mind and their physical body.

Protect Them From Allergic Reactions:

If your child is allergic to some food, safety and prevention should be at the top of the priority of your back-to-school checklist. 

You might be self-assured that you are in control of your child’s food allergies at home, but it’s a different thing when they are in school. Here are tips on how to ensure that your child is well protected from allergic reactions at school: 

Talk to school officials: Parents should talk to teachers, staff, principals to learn how the school manages food allergist. Also, it reduces their fears when they learn about the precautionary measures put in place to address it.

 Put Plans Down: It is important parents put information and details about their child’s food allergy not omitting ways to prevent its exposure and how to recognise and treat its symptoms.

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Nwajei Babatunde

Content creator for Vanaplus Group.

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