6 Reasons You Still Need A Desktop Computer

If you’d be honest with yourself, you believe that desktop computers aren’t in vogue anymore and therefore should be done away with. You feel that times have changed and so has technology too. I agree completely. But are there modern desktops that are built on the latest technologies presently? Obviously there are.

You think desktop computers take some time to setup, they are usually heavy and not easily movable. The peripherals are often too many unlike a laptop which has every component integrated into a particular system. While these opinions are one-sided, you’re probably overlooking some possible advantages that could have been to your benefit.

desktop computers

Desktop computers can be used in schools, offices, churches as well as in mini enterprises and even personally too. It’s an old workhorse, right.

But it’s still very useful.

Find out in this article as we’ll be discussing 5 reasons why you still need desktop computers.


  • Easily customizable

Desktop computers can be configured to suit any purpose or work. Depending on what you need it for, you can readily build a PC that suits you. Thankfully, the parts are very accessible. It only takes a bit of technical effort to make those changes and your good old friend is up and running once again. This is not possible with laptop computers.

  • Desktops are rugged

These gadgets tend to last longer because they are not readily moved around like laptop PCs except when it is necessary. This not only gives you convenience when working but peace of mind as well. The only time you’ll worry about your desktop going bad is only when it’s being attacked by virus or serious power issues. While that is your fault, it is easily resolved by buying an antivirus, UPS or Stabilizer respectively.

  • Maintenance is cheap

You can always get any part of your desktop components for replacement. And they are not even expensive to do so in comparison to your laptop. Even without consulting an engineer you can perform some routine maintenance check on your own.

  • It is easily upgradeable and easy to repair

Since you’ll rarely have trouble getting accessories like a hard disk, RAM, expansion cards and so on, it makes it very easy to upgrade a part or component or even replacing it altogether in case of a repair.

  • Expandability of components

This is one of the most interesting reasons to buy a desktop computer. It offers ways of attaching devices or parts that you’re interested in without any hassel.

  • Affordability

Great desktop computers with high configurations are usually more inexpensive than their laptop counterparts. In general terms, desktop PCs offer great value for your money.


Desktops still have advantages that laptops can’t override.

It has its disadvantages too. But it’s definitely worth the investment.

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