6 Tips To Buy A Great inverter

Most folks are seriously turning to inverters as there is a high demand of power and electricity globally according to the BBC and several other journals. Most of the reasons stem from an increased usage of domestic appliances, excessive amounts of vehicles and high concentration of industries

Inverters are advanced power devices that utilize renewable energy resources to provide electricity when other power sources fail. They can be used at home, office, hotels, schools and halls- basically wherever power is needed.

It has become so popular that people are seriously searching for how to buy the best inverter. But first you need to ascertain within yourself that you really need one. While there are different types on the market, you might want to be careful about your choice.

We’ll help you navigate through the process, avoid some pitfalls and ultimately make the best buying decision on your preference. Now that you’re ready to get one, find out in this guide, 6 awesome tips to buy a good inverter.

  • Installation

Except you’re an electrical genius, you should not try to fix an inverter by yourself. Instead, you can seek the services of a trained electrician. And if you’re lucky to buy from an online store that provides complimentary installation kit, it will a lot easier.

  • Battery type, capacity and amount required

An inverter battery is the heart of the inverter itself. Without it, it will not work. Depending on the battery type, whether it is tubular or SMF (Sealed, Maintenance Free), you should consider the capacity because you don’t want to increase the load on a small capacity battery. And if you want a battery that will serve you up to five years, run efficiently with little maintenance, the tubular batteries are the best but they are quite pricey.

  • Power Needs

Every house usually has a provision for backup. Therefore, it is critical for you to know how your apartment was wired before you get an inverter. This makes it easy for you to figure out the gadgets that that you intend to operate with the inverter. You could start by analyzing how many light points, TV, DVD, Fans you have and specify which one should have backup.

  • Inverter Brands and Pricing

The prices of inverters vary and could range from 45,000 to 900,000 Naira depending on the power output and brand as well. The cost of the battery is separate and usually starts from 55,000 Naira. And if you happen to need the service of an installation engineer, your budget should start from 5,000 Naira and above

  • Special features

You need to determine if your gadgets will require some extra features. For example, sensitive electronics like a network system or workstation will require models with sine wave output because of their transfer times. In the same vein, you will require an inverter model with GFCI outlets in order to maintain HSE standards.

  • Run-time Duration

This is certainly up to you to decide. However, larger inverters can provide power for a longer duration. So, if you need to extend the time, increasing the amount of batteries would suffice for a solution.


It’s quite easy to goof when it comes to things as delicate as choosing a solid power system. But with the tips provided, it shouldn’t be tough anymore. With that said, you can check out our ultra-modern inverter currently offered on our sales promo at a great deal. Use the Discount Code: RUSH2019 at checkout.

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