Chat Applications that Offer Data Privacy

Whatsapp has made a big privacy policy modification that has sparked outrage on the internet. The updated privacy policy which requires an agreement to enjoy continued utilization of the messaging app’s service coerces users to share information with Facebook.

Whatsapp users will also have their data shared with social networks like Instagram and Facebook Messenger. The policy states that data like IP address, location, connection, and browser information will be siphoned by Whatsapp and Facebook.

Several internet surfers and social media users have shared their concerns about this development. It is why many are seeking out alternative chat applications that offer improved privacy.


Top Privacy-Oriented Chat Applications in 2021


1. Messages

Messages is a free and encrypted messaging app that can be used for private conversations. The catch here is that you’ll need to use an Apple product to get Messages. A text or file sent through the app from an Apple product to a smartphone of another brand will result in a normal text message.

Some of Message’s data privacy features include choosing the duration of a message’s appearance and the frequency of views before a message gets deleted. To improve your privacy on Messages, never backup your message to the iCloud service

2. Signal

Signal is an encrypted chat application that is available on devices using different operating systems. Signal is one of the most popular chat apps in the tech community and this stems from the fact that the company created its unique protocol.

Hundreds and possibly thousands of cyber experts have checked Signal’s code because it is open-source. Signal’s privacy feature includes a required password that comes up each time you want to launch the app.

Alternative Measures for Online Privacy


1. Connect to a VPN Server

The main task of a VPN is to provide you, the user, with online anonymity. It achieves this by driving your internet traffic through a VPN server of your choice. The server, which is in a different location from your device, makes it seem like the browsing is done from the server’s location.

VPNs also hide your IP address, protecting your location from entities on the internet. If you intend to stay private with a VPN app, go for paid VPNs.


2. Go for iOS Devices

Apple devices aren’t exactly 100% perfect. However, they’re your best bet regarding online privacy. The direction of the world's most valuable company focuses on a privacy model.

Using devices from Apple’s closest competition, Android leaves the possibility that Google is tracking your activity. Apple devices are typically more expensive than their counterparts. Nevertheless, consider it an extra price to pay for privacy.



Whatsapp’s latest privacy policy has led its loyal users to scramble in different directions seeking private messaging apps. The top two that most individuals should adopt are Messages and Signal.

If you want to protect your online privacy in other ways, use a VPN and buy Apple devices.




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