What you should know about the updated Google Workspace

Well, it’s more like good news. Microsoft Office files in your Google Drive will now open directly in the editing mode.

Before now, double-clicking on your Google Workspace a file would only open a preview of the document after which the user would have to choose whether to open in the editing mode or to download the file. With this latest upgrade, users can now directly edit, comment, and collaborate on Office files from the Google Docs, Sheets and slides interface without having to go to the preview stage.

Another amazing upgrade on the Google Workspace is the Enhanced Support service available to the enterprise users which would offer accelerated response time, third-party technology support and advanced product knowledge.

From the end of November, according to a blog post by Google, office editing support would be available to all users even though it is being rolled out already. This would make opening and editing of documents easier and also ensure that changes automatically get saved to the file in its original office format.

We should expect this change to be apply to all compatible office file types from .docx, doc,. ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsm files. Meanwhile, let’s have it in mind that password protected files will not open directly in the Office editing mode.

 This feature will be as a default. However, users can still right click to preview or as shortcut, by pressing P on the Keyboard while double clicking the file. For users who have chrome extension for office editing installed, Google will redirect to extension and not to Docs, Sheets, or Slides.


According to Google, the Enhanced Support is designed for customers in need of fast, advanced and Complete Support. Enhanced Support level which comes between the Standard and Premium Support is included with the Enterprise Essential, Enterprise Standard, and Enterprise Plus editions. It can also be purchased as an upgrade by Business Standard and Business Plus users.

The Enhanced Support would provide 24/7 available support experience and also ensure that customers receive a first meaningful response within 1 hour for Priority 1 Cases and fours hours to receive response on priority 2 cases.

The Enhanced Support will ensure that cases are routed directly to technical experts with advanced product knowledge and training.

I think this is a great development. What do you think?




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