Top 5 ways to know your phone has been hacked

A few years ago, what our smartphones can do these days would only be considered as fiction which could only be depicted in movies. There has been tremendous improvement in technology which has made life a lot easier. Nowadays, our smartphones now form one of the very important features of our lives as we can now get involved with virtually everything and every aspect of our lives using our smartphones. From emails to passwords, schedules, finances, cryptocurrency wallets, stores, home gadgets, schools, and even religious activities; everything can now be easily run and managed from the palms of your hands.

As much as these tremendous improvements in technology sound so comforting, it has opened everyone up to various negativities including hacking. There have been several occurrences of hacking and as technology keeps improving, it will continue.

So, what are the top 5 ways to know your smartphone has been hacked?

  1. You get charged unnecessarily for Cell phone bills

Once you start noticing some unnecessary billings on your cell phone, you should start thinking in the direction that your phone could be hacked most especially if you have your credit card linked to your cell phone billings.

  1. Strange messages sent from and to your smartphones

As soon as you start to notice strange messages in the sent and in-boxes of your smartphone; you should know that something is wrong. There is a possibility that you have been hacked.

  1. You didn’t install them-New apps!

One of the ways to know your smartphone has been hacked is when you can see strange apps on your phone. Don’t just uninstall them; be vigilant, be sure you didn’t install them before you take action so as to avoid further damage.

  1. Data breaches

As I’ve mentioned earlier, our smartphones now hold more data than as expected in ages ago and there has been able to successfully expose us to data breaches when hacked. As soon as you notice leaks, you should start taking steps as it could be that you have been hacked.

  1. Emails sent from the device getting blocked by spam filters

This is another proof of being hacked. If you have been sending emails from that device without being flagged as spam and all of a sudden, the narrative changes, then this could be it.


Please be informed that all the above points are in anyways absolute as there are other causes that could be related to each and any of them. However, if your device starts functioning in a questionable way after clicking a link or visiting a site, then the points above could be valid.

Now, what do you do if you get hacked? I will advise you to run mobile anti-malware from multiple vendors and ultimately wipe or restore to factory settings.

Have you ever been hacked?

Share your experience in the comment box.



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