Improve your Battery life with these tips

I’ve had to battle with quite a few questions; the most hilarious one is “How can I increase my smartphone battery life?” Lol! So sorry to disappoint you but you can’t. You can only improve your Smartphone battery life.

Smartphone these days has joined the list of the most essential things due to the fact that most people spend quite a lot of time online, chatting friends, watching movies, playing games, checking emails and some even go as far as making money with the same. Carrying these activities requires a strong battery among other things. This makes the quest for long-lasting battery life a thing of attention. We all want to stay on these activities for as long as we can.

Though quite a number of users do not know that the larger the size of your screen, the more battery it consumes as well as data. To this end, there is an absolute need for improved battery life. Let me help us with a few tips on how to improve our Smartphone battery life.

Use Original Chargers only

One of the things that can improve your Smartphone battery life is the use of original chargers always. We know that things get spoilt which means there is a possibility of your “follow-come” charger getting spoilt but if you must get a replacement, please make sure it is an original charger as any other charger can affect your phone battery negatively or even go as far as affecting the Smartphone itself.


Switch off Location Services

I see no reason why you should keep your location services on except absolutely necessary. Location services consume battery life.


Turn off unnecessary Vibrations

A number of users like to get vibration on their keypads whenever there is a touch on the screen, the home key or even the back key simply because of the kind of sumptuous feedback it gives. I feel this is not so necessary as it consumes your battery as well.


Turn off used Applications

Whenever you are done with an application, you should turn it off. Minimizing it alone would cause the app to consume battery on the background.


Screen Brightness

Reducing your screen brightness would do your smartphone battery a lot of good. I see no reason to keep your screen brightness above 50%. I believe that you can see your screen very clearly even during the day. The brightness of your Smartphone screen consumes battery as well.



Switch off Auto-updates

As much as you are tempted to think auto-update only has to do with your data consumption. Well, you need to understand that as the auto-update is going on, a certain amount of power is allocated to that activity well and it consumes your Smartphone battery.


Turn of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Hotspot

If not in use, I see no reason you should keep your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Hotspot on. What most users do not understand is, the longer these functions stay on, the more battery your Smartphone consumes.


If these above tips are being followed, I am very sure you would notice a significant improvement in your Smartphone battery life. Please be informed that you cannot increase your Smartphone battery life, you can only improve it.

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