Major Questions about Coronavirus answered

 Major Questions about Coronavirus answered

It’s no news that the fight against coronavirus still continues. Though a few breakthroughs in terms of treatments have been recorded the fact still remains that the pandemic is still very much around.  Here are answers to a few of the questions flying around.

How does quarantine work? 

The major idea behind quarantine is to prevent transmission of the illness by isolating people who are or may be infected or to protect healthy people and make sure they remain healthy. This is because if infected individuals have their movements restricted beyond the incubation period of the infection, it becomes easier to isolate new cases, treat those who fall sick and in turn prevent the spread.

Though in some places, quarantines are not mandatory but it is reasonable for individuals who feel they have been infected to isolate themselves to prevent further spreads. This would go a long way in flattening the curve- limit the number of cases so as to make it easier for health care systems to tackle.

Can Survivors be re-infected?

Although this seems to be extremely rare the answer is YES.

There have been a few cases of reinfection in China but it seems rare enough not to be worried about as most scientists think it as errors for survivors to later test positive.

How long does it take for infected individuals to become contagious?

The answer to this varies as it depends on the study you read. Most studies stated that infected individuals already become contagious even before symptoms are being experienced. Symptoms can appear anywhere between 2 to 14 days. Well, the good report about this study is that after 10 days of exhibiting symptoms, patients were no longer infectious. This means the disease is most contagious at the onset but the body gets rid of the virus once the antibody production turns on.

Although another study suggests that the virus can endure in the body for as long as 20 days after infection but the longest is 37 days as recorded in most studies.

In a nutshell, the most reasonable thing is to quarantine or self-isolate as soon as the infection is felt.

Although, most countries are going on lockdown as a policy to contain and fight this pandemic several opinions including mine is that lockdown is not a lasting solution. Hunger is real and that has no other cure. Also, human contact and mobility contribute immensely to our sanity without which everything will just collapse.

In my own opinion, we need the intervention of the Sovereign God.

God help us

What do you think?

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The pandemic is getting Scarry by the day without absolute solution. The stay at home policy is a good idea if only the masses would be supplied with all the need and test centres be opened in all hospital for quick testing, that way negative person will not have to be in same house with positive person and finally get infected before the symptoms of those already positive begins to show.

Otunba Olatunji Tinuoye

Otunba Olatunji Tinuoye

I have heard and red about Coronavirus on the social media and many individuals who are now self – made medical experts,but my own contribution is that Quarantine is good but not the best option in totality: Government should expand the Medical Center where test can be carried out for those who feels that, they had contact with people who came from other countries: Those detected positive should be treated appropriately and personal hygiene is very important against this coronavirus! Total short down the economic activity will further aggravate and expand the poverty level of most Nigerians who are already improvised by negative business environment!! By Otunba Olatunji Tinuoye, Hospitality and Tourism Expert. ( 46, Arandun Road, ESIE, Kwara State: Tel. 07033273091

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