Free Website Builders you should know about

Creating a website has now become somewhat easier than it used to as there are quite a number of free website builder applications these days.

This like every new technological development is accompanied by its own challenge which is the difficulty in picking from the numerous options.

Let’s mention here that it is usually quicker and easier to edit a site entirely online with WYSIWYG editor but there is also a possibility of taking control over every aspect of your site’s design and web hosting by using a desk-top based free website builder.

Should you want to build a personal, business website or even a blog, here are a few free website builders you need to know about.

  1. Wix

Wix is a highly polished powerful website builder that offers an amazing free plan sophisticated to give you all you need without having to put your hands in your pocket.

Wix editor runs perfectly in Artificial Design Intelligence mode with a basic interface capable of keeping everything really simple and user-friendly.

The full Wix editor is the option to be considered by users who would love to get involved in the tweaking of their website set up as it boasts of powerful functionality and the ability to get your website looking exactly the way you want

Wix is a big-name website builder that offers a free plan, enabling you to have the run of this service without having to put your hand in your pocket. And you benefit from one of the most impressive website editors in the business.

  1. Constant Contact

With Constant Contact, you can get free to use intelligent website builder and e-commerce store platform. With its drag and drop functionality, setting up a website and inserting the required features are quite easy.

Constant contact has its settings are automatically optimized for mobile platforms and SEO. It also comes with over 50,000 images in its free image library.

Its e-commerce platform comes with great features like online payment, order and inventory features that automatically update inventory with orders and sends an email alert when items become out-of-stock.

Constant Contact has a free basic level and paid plans that add more features including a paid email marketing option to reach new customers.


  1. Wordpress

Wordpress is the best for static sites, portfolios, blogs and online stores.

There are actually two different versions of WordPress. The one you can download from is the more complex one which would need to be uploaded to your own webspace and install it using the automated online installer. After which the templates can be customized and make the site your own with the use of add-ons.

The hosted version of WordPress allows user to create their own site on from a blog or photo site to a fully-fledged online store, and there are a number of templates to choose from. The good news for Mailchimp users is that there is a benefit of adding a Mailchimp block, which can grow your mailing list among other things.

Whether you're creating a static site or a blog-style site with regularly updated content, the online editor is a joy to use and allows just about anyone to create an impressive, professional-looking site. The only downside is the limited range of plugins and templates compared with the desktop website builder.


There are other free website builders like Joomla, Incomedia website X5, Coffeecup Free HTML Editor e.t.c but these three are on the top of our list. You are free to pick any available website builder to create your website instead of having to struggle hard with coding.

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