Microsoft Acknowledges Windows 10 issues and explains how to fix it

It was reported on some tech review sites that a recent Windows 10 update (KB4532693) was causing serious issues and deleting people’s data. This report has now been acknowledged by Microsoft as a big problem.

It was admitted by Microsoft employees in the support team that they are aware of this known issue and engineers are working diligently to find a solution for it.

The update (KB4532693) which was supposed to fix several security issues ended up introducing a few rather worrying problems.

A number of users complained that ever since installing the update, their Windows 10 desktop and start menu were set to default and no wallpapers, icons and all the shortcuts they had previously set were nowhere to be found.

The much more worrying issue was the fact that files kept on the desktop were getting removed.

Microsoft acknowledges this issue and is currently working on a way to fix this issue before causing any further panic or damage. It was stated according to the Microsoft Support Team that the same issue was replicated and fixed which implies we now have the solution.

To fix this issue, Microsoft has found a way to make a temporary user account where those files are kept by creating a new local account. Then data from the temporary account to the news one which means you should get your data back. Although this method requires that Microsoft messing around wit user’s accounts especially the Local accounts  

It appears that Microsoft’s team has found a way to restore the files. Windows 10 is for some reason making a temporary user account where those files are kept. By creating a new local account, then transferring the data from the temporary account to the new one, you should get your data back.

We hope that Microsoft will be able to come up with a more thorough solution ASAP





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