Top Window 10 Tricks you should know Part 2

Let’s pick up from where we stopped on Windows 10 tricks you should know about. We need to understand that tricks are not to make us lazy but to make work and life easier. I believe working smart is far preferable to working hard.

Keyboard Shortcut to open items in your Taskbar

Should you want to open items pinned to your taskbar, I am glad to inform you that Windows key + [Number key] i.e. the number key that corresponds to the position of the program on the taskbar would get this done for you. This means you can just say bye-bye to clicking. This comes handy for those who don’t want to be distracted from their heavy typing 

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Background Scrolling

Do you not find it fascinating that you can scroll even apps and programs you are not currently working on.

Well, this feature is always on default but if yours isn’t, go to Settings>>>Devices>>>Mouse, the toggle “Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them” to on.

Just open two programs, arrange them in such a way that you can see part of the inactive one and give it a try.

Display file extensions in File Explorer

By default, Microsoft hides file extensions which makes it difficult for users to look for specific file types.

If you would like to see file extensions in file explorer; Type “File explorer options” in the search box and click it, Click the “View” tab in the window that pops up then uncheck the “hide extensions for known file types” box, click “Apply” and “OK”.

You should see file extensions in all files in File Explorer now.

You can also show hidden files, empty drives, hidden folders and files using File Explorer Options.

Focus Assist- Helps you cut down on distractions

There is nothing as frustrating as getting interrupted by notifications when you are trying to get the job done. Focus Assist can help you get rid of that.

Just go to Settings>>>System>>>Focus Assist then choose from the three options “Off”, “Priority” and “Alarms only”

Meanwhile, this update was added in April 2018 and it also gives you the right to put the feature on automatically during certain hours.

I hope these tricks would help you work smart from henceforth.

Please let us know if this was helpful by dropping a comment.

Thank You.

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