Top Window 10 Tricks you should know Part 1

Unlike Apple, Windows does not publicize hidden tricks. Either a new user or an experienced one; I have the confidence that there are a few Windows 10 tricks you do not know about.

Let’s look at a few of them.

Minimize inactive windows

Should your desktop be crowded with many inactive windows, you can quickly minimize the inactive ones except the one you are currently working on.

To do this click the title bar of the active window and shake it while holding the mouse. After a few shakes, all the inactive windows would minimize leaving the active one.

The Secret Start Menu

I bet you do not know that you can access the start menu on Windows 10 without getting to the bottom left of the screen

Next time just press Windows key + X or right click the Windows/Start icon and you are there.


As basic as this is, I bet we all forget. There are at least eight different ways of taking screenshots on your system as Window 10 user.

The easiest is to use the Windows Key + Print Screen Key and the screenshot will be saved to the Pictures >> Screenshots folder

If you would need the screenshot of a part, press Windows Key + Shift + S. This will open an app called Snip and Sketch which enables you to create a Screenshot by clicking and dragging.

To find out how much space apps are taking up

Should you notice that your PC is running low, this could be due to low space.

Navigate to Settings>>Systems>>Storage then click on the drive you would like to check then click Apps and Games. This will display apps and the corresponding memory space. You might probably be able to get rid of that once in 2 years game you have there.

Stop apps running on the background

Do you know you can easily prevent apps from running on the background? This will in turn serve as a kind of battery power safer for you.

Go to Settings>>>Privacy>>>Background apps then toggle “Let apps run in the background” to “On” or “Off”. Well you can as well choose the apps that you would like to have running in the background.

Remember this is Part 1, I promise to bring you Part 2.

In the meantime, if you have a any Window 10 trick you have discovered and you will like to share with me, drop a comment and I will be glad to read.

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