10 Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

The kitchen is known to be the most frequently used room and the most popular place to refurbish. A kitchen modification is an excellent investment, and it pays off by refining the purpose and improving the value of your home. It's simple to get enfolded up dreaming about selections, colors, and additional design esthetics’s value, however, it's tremendously significant to evade some of the most common mistakes, which usually people tend to overlook. When your design is well planned and supposed out, you can evade making common kitchen design mistakes.

Avoid below 10 mistakes to attain kitchens that look great and work stunningly.

1. Inadequate Circulation Space

Restricted circulation space could create a kitchen to feel overcrowded and restrict the number of individuals who can easily accommodate the space at a given time. The absence of space will could also hinder the opening of appliances like the refrigerator and dishwasher. However, this can be avoided - if you want adequate movement, opt for 5 feet kitchen countertop.

2. Poor Lighting

Prioritizing aesthetics over functionality is a completely wrong idea. You must have three kinds of lighting that are over-all, task, and inflection lighting. Over-all lighting like recessed lights offers complete lighting. Task lights like pendants or track lights highpoints your prep zones, and below the cabinet or into-cabinet lights give accents. Connecting pendant lights, downlights, and sconces on distinct circuits help control your illumination levels and surrounding.

3. Inappropriate Placement of Appliances and Drawers.

Make sure you have the necessary space to stand in front of the appliance or drawer and open it without you or it bouncing into another cabinet or wall.

4. Selecting Cabinets on a Low- Price Basis, Rather Than Quality

It is a fact that cabinets are the most luxurious constituent of your modernized kitchen. They need to survive on day-to-day wear and tear. Opting for low-cost cabinets will affect the complete look of your kitchen remodel.

5. Abandoning Your Backsplash

The backsplash is the major focal point of your kitchen, so to make a statement, you can play with varied shades of a similar tone that can additionally add quite a classy look to your kitchen. You can alternatively hire a contractor for such renovations. However, ensure that your rights as a homeowner are protected. The best way to do so to sign a home improvement contract, which will mandatorily state the projected cost, timeframes, permit and zoning requirements, rules pertaining to the property, and additional important information.

6. Wasted Space on a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are an amazing part of increasing your preparation and storage space; however, it would only function in case you have the room. If your kitchen is small, an island can be a waste of space. Select an island simply if your kitchen can lodge it or stipulate a thinner one.

7. Do Not Ignore the Good Layouts

Kitchens typically contain lots of stuff. The kitchen has three important zones of greatest activity - the sink, refrigerator, and stove. There must be unobstructed entry to and from all three of these locations. You can consider layouts like a one-wall kitchen, U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen, and so on.

8. Letting a Contractor Make Decisions for You:

Though it's alluring to allocate all choices to the professionals, it's still the homeowners who know their own habits better than everybody else. It is the kitchen where you spend most of your days. Also, it is important to browse online, showrooms, or go through pages of the magazines and instruct yourself about materials, products, fixtures, and prices so you will have reasonable choices when it comes to renovating your kitchen with the professionals.

9. Functionality:

A lot of the industry professionals might say that the normal kitchen revamp must last for one decade. This is the reason it will be a better indication to stop installing a trendy hip perception. And instead of sticking to the budget, they must even focus on the functionality.

10. Poor Ventilation:

The best kitchen design could be dismantled with stinky food odors. If you’ve ever walked into somebody’s home and sensed last night’s fish lingering in the air, you would know the significance of good ventilation. Thus good ventilation will enhance the quality of your indoors.


Remember, to avoid making a few of the above common mistakes, do enough research, ask for models from contractors, and regulate what fits your budget. Picking a quality contractor can make the difference between a job done right and an utter nightmare. Putting everything right in remodeling contract will assist and clarify both parties’ expectations with an upgrade or makeover project


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