Mental Strategies for Achieving Your Long Term Goal

Why are we faced with such a hard time in the quest of achieving our long term goals?

A long term goal is something we want to do/achieve in the future. Long term goals gives focus and allow us to stay connected with the bigger picture.

A life without a long term goal is like embarking on a journey without a map or direction.

Ticking your long term goals can be a rewarding experience to have. Whether you have just completed a degree, launching a new business or finishing research, it's worth it to see to the completion of a task. The more you do this, it boosts your confidence and abilities.

To focus and remain committed to achieving long term goals is not to rub off the attention to short term goals as well. Researchers have found that the small hits of dopamine we get from completing a short-term goal or habits keeps us motivated in the long run.

So, how then do you plan and remain focused to achieve your goals and vision? Let’s consider the science of setting a long term goal and then the strategies that would equip us to achieve them.

Connect long term goal with core values

How many times have you given up on achieving a long term goal because you didn’t enjoy it? This might sound like everyday statement but in the complexity of motivation, one thing has become increasingly crystal clear: it’s easier to stick and pursue a goal you believe in.

The issue with long term goals is that we often think of what we stand to benefit in achieving the goal and not the motivation needed to sustain the process of achieving the goals. The question: Why do I want to achieve this goal in the first place?

Break long term goal into short term task

Breaking long term goals into short term task makes them more realistic. Every major steps towards the realization of the long term goal needs to be broken down into milestones and definite tasks in order to get the long term goal achieved.

If, for example, as a writer, your long term goal is to write a best selling novel, you can break it into short term goals by simply writing at least 1000 words each day, conclude an outline, edit a chapter.

Create a room for ‘’If’’ in your plans

Life is too disordered and uncertain to assume that the setup plans and processes would have a smooth sailing. Inconsideration of that, instead of being swept away by the realities of life, we can prepare ourselves for the tide kicks off.

One way to shield your time towards the realization of long term goal is to create a room for ‘’If’’ when the distractions of life arises.

In conclusion

You’ve got more than a few long term goals on your list and the good news is you’ve is, you have a lifetime to make them come to reality.

However, with the right processes, plans and motivations in place, you can make those long term goals more than just an illusion.

The goals might change over time but the process of realizing them remains.

Nwajei Babatunde  

Content creator for Vanaplus Group.

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