Ways to keep school kids healthy during school year - Part 1

A school is a place where we learn to grow cognitively, develop social skills in order to become an independent individual. While it is a ground for mental and social growth, it can also be a place to pick up germs and illness and transport them back home.

At school, the children spend quality time in classrooms where they can easily transfer infections to one another. So, it is important that parents/guardians make health a priority on their list by teaching their children healthy habits. 

Below are some tips to keep your kids healthy during the school year


Teach Them about proper hand washing 

Handwashing is one of the ways we can prevent the spread of germs and illness in the classroom and elsewhere. Parents have to teach their kids how to properly wash their hands especially when they blow their nose, before and after using the convenience room and eating.

The risk of getting sick and contracting diseases can be reduced through proper hand washing.

Build up their immune system 

Building the immune system of your child is another important way to remain healthy and ward off sickness. Getting enough sleep, taking healthy diet, managing stress, regular exercise of the body and making time for fun can help reduce our children vulnerability to flus and other infections.

Teach them healthy habits 

Does your child knows the basic health habits to prevent flu, cold and other infections? Health habits like abstaining from sharing cups and utensils with friends are very important.

Good Sleep 

Ensure your child/children gets good sleep which is very important for keeping them healthy. Good sleep is crucial not just for the child's emotional and physical health but it plays a major role in their performance at school.


Watchout for anxiety and Stress

Academic tests, peer and social pressures could subject a child to stress. Research shows that stress and anxiety can have a negative role in our child’s health. Therefore as parents, we have to learn how to spot the signs and symptoms of being stressed in them and also how to many anxiety.

Strict adherence to these tips can keep your children healthy during school year. Do you agree?

Nwajei Babatunde

Content creator for Vanaplus Group.

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