All You need to start Journaling

A journal is place where you keep track of your goals, record your thoughts, and document your life. Journaling, as the name implies, is the art of keeping a journal. It has been around for a long time, and it doesn’t look like’s going away anytime soon. To start journaling, here’s what you need.

A blank notebook, jotter or journal: You’re going to need something to serve as the actual journal. For this, you can use a notebook, a jotter, or a leather journal. A jotter is not always advisable because the pages can come off quite easily.

Pens and pencils: To keep a journal, you need to write, and that is what pens and pencils are for. It’s your journal, so you’re not restricted to blue and black pens. You can get as many colors as you want, and even use a different color for a different purpose – green for dates, red for titles, black for doodles, and blue for the main content.

Glue, tape, paper pins, and/or staplers: Sometimes, you may need to attach foreign materials to your journal. You might want to add pictures, newspaper or magazine cutouts, a part of the calendar, or anything at all. That’s where items like glue, tape, paper pins, and staplers come in.

Markers and/or brush pens: In case you ever want to decorate your journal with some doodles, drawings, or bold/stylized text, you can use markers and/or brush pens to create them.

One or more rulers: Rulers are needed to create straight lines, divide pages into sections, and create tables or little calendars. It’s advisable to get a ruler so your journal maintains a neat look.

There you have it – the premium journaling checklist. The best part is that all these items are available here, and they are super inexpensive. Start shopping and begin your journaling journey.

Rukayat Oyindamola Adeoti 

I'm a 20-year old freelance writer, blogger, and content developer. I am also a budding digital artist and graphic designer. I love to eat, write, create and learn.

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