Factors to Consider When Getting a Smartphone

Nowadays, smart phones have become integral parts of our lives. They are like mobile computers that can be slipped into our pockets and can be used to text, make phone calls, chat on social media, stream and watch videos and finally play games on the go. This is why getting the right smart phone is really important. But, a lot of problems come in while trying to get a preferable smart phone as we are either filled with indecision or we don’t exactly know what we want.

Hence, factors below are what you need to consider while getting a smart phone:

  • Memory

Your phone has two kinds of memory- The ROM (Read Only Memory) and the RAM (Random Access Memory). The RAM, alongside with the processor, determines the speed of your phone and  takes care of the smooth running of the phone’s operation  while the ROM takes care of the storage. It stores your Apps and all the videos and photos you would have stored on your phone. This is better referred to as the internal storage of your phone.  So, technically, a phone with a higher RAM would be faster and a      phone with a higher ROM would have more storage. An average user should be content with a 2GB ROM and a 16GB RAM. But, if you are a heavy user with a lot of games and apps and videos and photos, a phone with a higher RAM (say, 32-64GB) and a higher ROM (say, 3-4GB) is what you should go for. Furthermore, to extend your memory and prevent your phone from hanging, an SD card can be bought.

  • Battery

Battery usage vary from user to user depending on how you use your smart phone.  And note that, online activities drain batteries more so, If you are an heavy user who plays games, has a lot of apps and does more online activities, then you should go for a phone with a battery capacity of more than 2500mAH but if you are a light user, a phone with a battery capacity of 25000mAH would be good enough to run for a whole day.

  • Camera Quality

A lot of people go with a notion of “The higher the number of mega pixels, the better the quality of a smart phone camera”.  This is a wrong and fallacious notion because several other things like pixel size, camera aperture and ISO levels come into play as well. A phone rear camera with 16MP and lower aperture may have lower picture quality than a phone rear camera with 12MP and a higher aperture.  This also goes for the front facing camera too.

  • Display

The size and resolution of your smart phone also depends on the kind of user you are. If you stream videos, download and view videos, edit photos as often as possible, you might need   a smart phone display of a 5.5-inch to a 6.5-inch. This would allow you get a feel of a nice media experience while on the go.

  • Security Features

Are you a user with a security conscious mind? Do you have a lot of files that are private and needs to be kept in high end security?  Then, a smart phone with a fingerprint sensor or iris sensor can be bought.  They do not just help lock or unlock your smart phone; they help keep your files safe too.

  • User Interphase And Operating System Version

These two are key factors to consider when choosing a smart Phone. They are interfaces users would have to interact with and for anything, need to be simple and easy. There are two default operating systems- the IOS and the Android.  If you go opt for the IOS, you are automatically buying an I phone.  The rest of the phones possess the Android OS. This causes an array of confusion for users while trying to get a smart phone.  And it should be advised that for a better operating system experience,   the latest version of the Android or IOS be bought.

  • Audio/Speakers

Audio and sound quality may be a parameter for people who use their phones to watch videos, listen to wide array of music and use their phones for video conferences. Such users should seek for a phone with a higher audio quality. Also, smart phones with a front speaker should be considered.  This would increase steady entertainment while on the go.

  • Cost

Price go up more as the camera quality gets better, the operating system gets better and other features get introduced into a smart phone. Hence, this factor is subjective and is determined by the amount you’d be willing to afford for a smart phone.

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