How to Deal with Bad Smells from your kitchen appliances

Does your fridge smells like a decayed food? Does the stale milk spillage odour turn you off your food? There is nothing worse than been greeted with unwanted smell from one of the most used kitchen appliances at home.

Here are tips to guide you on cleaning and maintaining your fridge and refrigerator from unwanted smell:


This may sound so difficult a request but it is pertinent to spot where the offensive odour is oozing out from by sniffing it out. Start by smelling the items at the front and then to the ones at the back.

You can look out for the following with other senses:

  • Look for expired/decayed food item
  • Check for discolouration of diary and meat
  • Look out for overripe and rot veggies
  • Look for any stains, liquids or spills on your shelves and in your drawers
  • Ensure that all food items in the freezer are properly frozen


Once you have spotted the items causing the offensive odour and removed, it is important to face any further odour by giving the fridge and freezer thorough leaning.

It’s advisable to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean to avoid discolouration and scratch in the interior of your fridge. A mixture of dish washing liquid and hot water normally does the trick. Alternatively, you can mix a baking soda to use a bristle brush to rub off stubborn stains.

Tips on cleaning the fridge:
  • Take out all food items and place them in a cooler that is filled with ice.
  • Bring out all the drawers and soak them in soapy hot water. The same is applicable with the shelves by giving them a scrub in your sink
  • Properly clean the walls and base of your fridge and make sure to get into the corners
Tips on cleaning the freezer:
  • If you have more than ¼ inch of ice on the walls of your freezer, unplug your fridge and let it defrost
  • Be sure all ice cube trays are emptied and shelves are removed
  • Dip a rag into rubbing alcohol to clear away the ice
  • Apply the same cleaning solution for your fridge to clean the walls and shelves of your freezer.
  • When plugging your fridge back in, ensure your freezer is at the proper temperature before you place your food inside


The odour may persists after you've cleaned your fridge and freezer, you could also check your fridge built-in deodorizer to see if the cartridge needs changing, or add your own deodorizer. While an open box of bicarbonate soda is said to be the most popular option, there are other natural deodorizers you can use that will absorb smells, even in a beverage fridge.

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