DIY - 5 Easy Hacks To Maintain Your Printer

5 Easy Hacks To Maintain Your Printer

Printers have grossly become indispensable for work in the office or at home. And thankfully, there's a lot of them on the market these days. Just like other office equipment, you're concerned about the performance of your printer and how to maintain it. After all, several investments have gone into acquiring one plus you'll hate for it to disappoint you when it matters the most.

So, whether you're using an inkjet or a laser printer, following these easy hacks would get your device up and running as well as avoid some unpleasant, nasty experience.

  • Use the manual:

This should always be your first point of call in case of an emergency situation. Failure to follow the manufacturer's precise recommendation may lead to the warranty being voided. Therefore, keep it as safe and close to you as possible.

  • Check your Printer:

It won't hurt to routinely check your printer. Heat, dust and hot air are conditions that could affect your printer's performance. To clean it, ensure it is turned off (from the power button, not the wall switch). Then check for possibly damaged parts or jammed components. Most importantly, use a lint-free cloth to gently clean your printer.

  •  Update your driver:

Sometimes, the challenge you're facing with your print machine is caused by a driver software that is out-of-date. So, it's in your best interest to regularly update this software to the latest available one in order to increase the efficiency of your printer. If your device doesn't automatically update, then you should try checking out the manufacturer's website for new releases.

  • Keep your device active:

If not every time, try printing once in a while. Not using your printer can affect your printer negatively by clogging the print header or drying up the ink. Keep it busy even if it means printing one or two pages every week.

  • Promptly follow notification instructions:

Most devices would always notify you when certain changes are about to occur or when a situation is about to arise. For instance, you could get notified when your print cartridge is about to run out or when a new driver is available for installation. This information should not be ignored so that you won't jeopardize the working condition of your printer.


In Closing

Your printer is a tangible asset that is capable of making life easy for you. And can also lead you down a path of frustration if simple maintenance rules are neglected.


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