Why Open shelving is ideal for your kitchen

You might ask "Open shelving, Is that really a thing anymore?"

And the answer is, it is.

A lot of people have reservations when it comes to open shelving. Some actually find the design messy.

In this modern Era of custom made cabinets and islands with drawers, what makes opting for open shelves in your kitchen a great idea? Just follow while I unveil.

  1. Open shelving actually creates more space to store your kitchen items. With open shelf, there is no limit to what you can store. All you need to do is properly arrange your stuff in an attractive way. 
  2. It tends to make the kitchen look more open, unlike closed off cabinets. And you can get to display all your fine china the way you want it.
  3. It is not expensive to build. Whether you are hiring someone to do it for you or you are going the diy route.
  4. Open shelves are easier to clean. Open shelves give easy access to your stuff, hence cleaning is less tedious. 
  5. With open shelves, you can easily rearrange items on it. Restyling is easy, to always keep the look of your kitchen fresh.
  6. Open shelving lets you easily see the items in your kitchen like your plates, cutlery and bowls you would normally tuck away in a cabinet and forget to use. Or your food spices and condiments.

Ps. You can put in a cabinet or two to create your own open shelf - cabinet combo. The combination as you can see looks good.

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