10 must have apps on an android phone

Imagine Superman without his kryptonite, Thor without his hammer or –bringing it to the basic level- a car without fuel? Useless, right?  That’s exactly how it is with an Android phone without the necessary applications. That is to say, an Android phone can’t effectively and efficiently work well if it is not with the apps that would make it perform efficiently and effectively. Although finding the right app can be a challenging task, as 10 other apps can be doing the exact same thing, we have got you covered by selecting 10 apps that are a must-have on your android phones whether it is instant messaging, reading, picture editing, note taking and a whole lot of others.

So, without further ado, these are the 10 must-have apps that must be on your android phone:


This is a free instant messaging application that allows you to message anyone regardless of their location. It allows you to send text and voice messages, pictures, audios, links and allows you to make video and audio calls to anyone worldwide.  It’s a very secure messaging app as it is encrypted between you and the other user.


If you have a pile of pictures to edit and you’ll need a picture editor to fine-tune them into glamorous pictures, VSCO will come in handy as it has a lot of tools for fine-tuning. It also has a journal section which shows pictures from photographers all over the world and the tools they used to edit the pictures.


If you are someone who needs to write things on the spur of the moment or you are struck by inspiration in the moments of the day and you need to jot things down, Evernote comes to the rescue by keeping your life organized and routinely by providing for you, notes to jot things down. It also makes it possible for you to share notes with friends and family and allows you to save articles for later reading.


While there are many choices for android protection, the most efficient is Avast. It does not only help prevent antivirus and phishing attacks on your phone, but it also helps to block calls and automatically wipe out your phone when you lose it.

Adobe Scan

This app helps turn any sheet of paper into a readable PDF.  You can scan your business cards, receipts and turn them into PDF for record-keeping. While it is cheap and easy to use,  It is one of those ways to have a paper-free existence.


If you have a terrible habit of snoozing your alarm, then this app is a must-have for you to break out of your morning laziness. It comes with a tapestry of puzzles and challenges before you can even try to snooze the alarm. Even better, you can choose the preference of the riddles and challenges from hard to easy. It also has a photo feature where you can take a snapshot of the required place to turn off the alarm. This makes it even cooler because I bet the sleep would have cleared before you finish taking the snapshot of the required place!


This is one of the new android apps that bring knowledge to your fingertips. From science to Grays’ anatomy to philosophy to random facts to even history, this app comes with its beautiful interface that contains a whole lot of worded and quality content articles. And if you are one who doesn’t have a flair for reading articles, this app comes with a podcast with which you can listen to on-the-go.


This is a music app which recognises songs playing nearby and can instantly identify it. It is used by a lot of music lovers around the world as all you need to do is hold your phone close to the source of the song and within seconds, this app will easily and accurately detect it. If you are a lover of songs on the go, this app is a must-have for you.


If you are a fitness enthusiast and you need an app to keep track and regulate your day-to-day fitness living, my fitness pal is the app for you! This app has a lot of features like a recipe maker; calorie counter; nutrient tracker and water tracker to enable you to live a fit and ensure you stay happy and healthy.


While this is more than a simple budget manager, Mint comes with a lot of features which will help manage your finances and help you save by connecting to your accounts and letting you know how much you’ve spent, how much is left and what you’ve been spending it on.

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